Lenneke Hoedemaker

I enjoy listening and connecting and feel very much at home on a stage. I like to guide your meeting in the right direction.

As moderator, chairwoman or presenter, I believe it is important that participants in an event are able to recount with pleasure what they have experienced and learned that day. This means that your message has landed and will be remembered. Then you have organized a successful meeting. I would like to help you with that.

Since 2006 I manage debates and discussions, moderate live interviews, chair conferences, facilitate workshops and 'away days'. Furthermore, I present various discussion formats, such as House of Commons-style debates, tailored to your organization and your specific objectives.

For my work, I leverage experience:

  • as a policy officer in the European Parliament
  • as a communication manager
  • as an actress and singer in theatre
  • as voice-over and voice actress

Everything is customized, everything is possible. Feel free to look around this website and contact me for more information.

Lenneke Hoedemaker


A professionally moderated debate allows you to discover what drives your target audience



As chairwoman I make sure there is 'air to breathe' in your congress



I combine a professional background in theatre with policy and communications experience



You want to get the most out of a strategic retreat, workshop or an ‘away-day’


Communication advice

I advise on content, format and key messages for your event



Are you interested? Feel free to contact me for more information

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Lenneke sparkles on stage and makes others shine. She is an intelligent, humorous woman, who quickly understands what the core is in the debate and who questions people open-mindedly. With Lenneke as moderator a meeting is not only constructive, but also just fun. 

Kathalijne Buitenweg, Member of Dutch Parliament GroenLinks,
former Group leader the Green party European Parliament

Lenneke is a passionate, creative and intelligent woman. Her social engagement combined with a great sense of humour makes her a perfect moderator.

Yvette Burghgraef van Eechoud, Director of European and International Affairs,
Ministry of Economic Affairs, former Ambassador of the Netherlands in Qatar

Lenneke knows how to perfectly combine knowledge of the content with responding to the feelings of the audience. In doing so, she does not forget to maintain the structure in a meeting in an attractive manner. 

Gerbert Mos, CEO of Finzie Hypotheken en Verzekeringen

Lenneke Hoedemaker is a great talent. As chairwoman and presenter she knows how to fascinate and touch people. Lenneke has the special ability to listen to people and to turn this into a nice addition to the conversation she is leading. Her enthusiasm and her good preparation ensure a substantive and inspiring conversation, seminar or presentation. Her sense of humour plays a major role in her accessibility

Michael van Hoorne, Director Van Hoorne Entertainment

A revelation. Lenneke is incredibly uninhibited and plays the audience with a good sense of humour

Lau Verwer, Executive Account Director AON Risk Management

Lenneke is a real joy to work with - not only does she bring energy to our public events; she is a true sparring partner in every aspect of the planning process. She is passionate about what she does - and so are we - which proves a perfect match!

Catelijne Muller, member of the European Economic and Social Committee,
EU High Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence